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Safari Spotlight - News...

Be sure to watch Emily Perreira of Maui Hunting Safari on SCI, Expedition Safari on the Outdoor Channel as follows:


Air times on the Outdoor Channel Network:

10/03/2016, Monday 3:00pm ET / 6:00pm PT

10/05/2016, Wednesday 7:00am ET / 10:00am PT

10/08/2016, Saturday 12:30pm ET / 3:30pm PT

10/09/2016, Sunday 2:30pm ET / 5:30pm PT

10/31/2016, Monday 3:00pm ET / 5:00pm PT

11/02/2016, Wednesday 7:00am ET / 10:00am PT

11/05/2016, Saturday 12:30pm ET / 3:30pm PT

11/06/2016, Sunday 2:30am ET / 5:30am PT


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Congratulations to Emily Perreira of Maui Hunting Safari who was selected as the Safari Club International & Cabela's 2016 Young Female Hunter of The Year!



Pat and Nicole Reeve of Driven came to hunt with us during the summer of 2016.  We hunted hard to get these beautiful trophies and had a spectacular time too!


Pat & Nicole Reeve of Driven...

2014 - Mike Rogers

During the summer of 2014, Maui Hunting Safari had an awesome time hunting with Mike Rogers host of Safari Club International's "SCI Expedition Safari".  The show aired in 2014 on the Outdoor Channel.  During his hunt with us, Mike was able to obtain "The Maui Slam" which includes a Trophy Axis Deer, Trophy Goat and Trophy Pig! 

2014 - Mike Rogers, "SCI Expedition Safari"
2014 - Mike Rogers, "SCI Expedition Safari"
2014 - Steve Scott

We are excited to report that Steve Scott of "Safari Hunter’s Journal & Smith & Wesson’s Outdoor Guide" hunted with us in early 2014.  He was able to get two great trophy goats with his crossbow on film for his upcoming season on the Sportsman Channel.  We had a great time with Mr. Scott and learned a lot from him!     

Steve Scott & Rodney Perreira Jr
Lindsey Lasche - Trophy Axis Deer

2013 was another exciting hunting season for Maui Hunting Safari.  We had a wonderful time guiding Lindsey Lasche of Pulse Factor TV in the Spring of 2013.  After several long stalks for axis deer, she was able to take a beautiful axis deer!


Later during our hunt Lindsey was also able to take a trophy feral goat.  She did a great stalk on the goat and made an awesome shot.  We had a lot of fun with The Pulse Factor TV crew!


Trophy Feral Goat
Archie Nesbitt

Archie Nesbitt


We were fortunate to have bow hunting enthusiast Archie Nesbitt of the "Ultimate Shot, The Ultimate Hunting Adventures of Archie Nesbitt" hunt with us recently.  We had a great time and he took exceptionally great trophies all with his bow - including the new "pending" SCI #10 Axis deer!  Ultimate Shots!  Excellent Shot Opportunities!

Craig Morgan

Craig Morgan - Trophy Axis Deer

Country music recording artist, music sensation and host of the Out Door Channel's "Craig Morgan's All Access Outdoors" Craig Morgan hunted with us in 2012. 

Craig Morgan - Trophy Wild Boar

Craig hunted with his cross bow and rifle and was very successful!  He was able to bag the "Maui Slam" in one day!  Lucky indeed!  Did we mention that he could also sing?  Check out his newest album, "This Ole Boy" - Its awesome!

"Having being blessed to hunt all over the world with some of the greatest outfitters, I can honestly say my experience with Maui Hunting Safari was one of the best I have ever had.  The abundance of game, guide knowledge and amenities made for one of the greatest hunting expereinces of my life.  I will be back!"


Craig Morgan

Guide Rodney Perreira Jr with Craig Morgan and his Trophy Feral Goat
Amanda & Emily with Craig Morgan



2016 Convention

Maui Hunting Safari will be an exhibitor at the 2016 Safari Club International Convention in Las Vegas at the Mandalay Bay.  Please visit us and autograph your photo(s)!  We look forward to seeing you all!




Maui Hunting Safari - 2013 SCI Booth

Maui Hunting Safari was once again an exhibitor at the 2013 SCI Convention held in Reno, Nevada this past January.  We would like to express our sincere Mahalo "thanks" to all who came by to say hello and autograph their photos!  It was wonderful seeing you all again and we thank you for sharing your Maui Hunting Memories with others!  It was also great meeting all of our new friends as well.  We are excited and ready for another awesome hunting season!!!  Aloha to all, take care and Happy Hunting!

Maui Hunting Safari - 2012 SCI Booth
Maui Hunting Safari - 2011 SCI Booth


Maui Hunting Safari - 2010 SCI Booth

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