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  • Larry Carroll (Saturday, January 02 16 11:03 pm EST)

    This was our 3rd hunt with Maui Hunting Safari over the last 10 years. We came and hunted pigs and goats as a family. We run a fishing and hunting lodge in Kodiak Alaska. Coming to Maui and being
    able to hunt with Rodney and his team are a real treat. Totally professional and friendly. We could not ask for anything more in a hunt. Rodney and his family are top notch. We spent lots of time
    hiking and looking for game. No shortage of that !!! But it is hunting. My Wife and youngest son both hunted pigs Lots of excitement. My oldest son hunted goats. Plenty of wary goats. We would
    recommend this hunt any day of the week for someone wanting action /excitement /sunshine and a great hunting guide !!

  • Russ and Austin Ragland (Thursday, June 05 14 10:22 pm EDT)

    My son Austin, who is in the military and stationed in Honolulu, was able to get leave and spend the day hunting goats with Rodney, his daughter Amanda and I. It had been many years since Austin and
    I had been able to hunt together and I must say that we had the best day ever. Rodney and Amanda met us early and drove us up and around Haleakala Crater. As we drove, we got to know each other; we
    learned about the country and the animals we were to be hunting and we got to see a spectacular side of Maui neither of us had seen before. When we arrived at our hunting area, we saw an abundance of
    game; we saw goats by the hundreds, Axis deer and even some wild boar piglets. We were both able to take very nice goats. Even though we had just met that same day, Rodney and Amanda treated us like
    family. They knew the country like the back of their hands and knew the habits of the animals. They were also very knowledgeable about the local history, which made our hunt all the more interesting.
    It was one of those rare golden days that Austin and I will never forget. I will say that, although we never did get to meet her, we were in frequent contact with Dawn from the time we decided to
    book the hunt several months prior until the horns and skulls arrived at our houses. She was responsive to our many questions and she made what could have been a complicated process very simple.
    Thank you again, Dawn, for all you did for us. I would highly recommend Maui Hunting Safari to anyone interested in having an action packed, yet relaxing hunt in paradise. We will definitely be back!

  • Andy (Wednesday, June 04 14 06:57 pm EDT)

    This was the second time hunting with Maui Hunting Safari and was even better than the first. My wife and I both took beautiful goats and had a lot of fun doing it. We saw axis deer, goats and on our
    first trip we even saw a boar. Rodney worked hard to get us the animals we were looking for and never gave up.All in all it was a great time with great people and who knew you could go hunting in

  • Anne Shearer-Shineman (Friday, October 11 13 10:58 pm EDT)

    I always wanted to go to Hawaii. Who knew it would be for a hunting trip? What a terrific trip it ended up being. We have hunted big game in the US and abroad. So when I say that Maui Hunting Safari
    is a professional operation, I know. Rodney, Dawn and their daughters were excellent hosts and really knew what they were doing. We learned so much about Maui's history, culture and animals during
    our brief stay. Rodney knows the habits of the game very well. I obtained a record book Axis deer within the first fifteen minutes of hunting! My husband and I each shot excellent Spanish goats which
    we really enjoyed stalking. There were many trophy quality billies to choose from. There was abundant deer and goats. The accommodations were good and we really enjoyed home cooked traditional
    Hawaiian cuisine, even poi! I would encourage anyone going to Maui to forget the beach and stick to mountain hunting with Rodney. You have a view of the ocean at all times during the hunt. This is a
    very family-oriented business and well organized.

  • Mike Wootten (Wednesday, September 25 13 06:12 pm EDT)

    I have had the pleasure of hunting with Rodney twice now, in 2012 for goat. And in 2013 for pig. Rodney and Dawn went to great lengths to make my hunt the best it could be.
    I harvested several goats in 2012, and a beautifull pig in 2013 with a knife. All trophy quality animals. I would recommend Rodney and Dawn to anyone who wants to hunt the island, Quality animals and
    people, a combination thats very hard to find. Thank you for not one but two hunts of a lifetime, hoping to return for a third.
    Mike Wootten

  • Jim August (Tuesday, June 11 13 03:00 pm EDT)

    My wife, Frances, and I along with Bryon and Patty Parrish just returned from three days of hunting with Rodney and Dawn and their two lovely girls.This hunt was not what I expected. No, it was
    fantastic to say the least. Windy and rainy conditions made for perfect hunting. Bryon and I harvested 33 and 32 inch Axis deer long with two beautiful goats each. We both also took pigs; Bryon with
    a knife and I with a rifle.We were able to fly directly from Portland, Oregon to Maui and thus we were able to take the meat from the deer and pigs back home with us. Plan a week stay in Maui. Hunt
    first with Rodney and then four or five days in a hotel. Airfares and hotels are much less expensive in the summer and the temperature is the same all year long.
    We plan to return in 2015 to chase a "Big Boar" with a knife.
    Looking forward to seeing the Perreira"s when they come to Portland later this summer.
    Thank You, Rodney,Dawn, Amanda, and Emily.
    Jim and Frances August

  • mike leathers (Saturday, April 06 13 11:27 am EDT)

    I've been on many fantstic big game hunts in all parts of North America. This hunt was one of the top 3 of all time for my friend Alex and me. Rodney and Dawn are phenomenal people and the adventure
    was one that may initially seem surprising in that it's located in such a vacation paradise, but the hunt was and is something that all hunters should not miss. Can't recommend this strongly enough.
    Don't miss out on this great opportunity - plenty of game and the terrain is truly beautiful! Our goats and Axis deer are awesome trophies and will be near the top of any big game animal that i've
    ever taken.

  • Steve Rudesill (Wednesday, April 03 13 03:25 pm EDT)

    I cannot say enough about Maui Hunting Safari and the faimly. Rodney guided me on a Axis deer hunt where I Harvested the 3rd largest Axis deer taken off the Island and the 29th largest in the world!!
    With out Rodney's vast knowledge of the island along with his years of hunting expierence I would never had the oppertunity to shoot this animal on my own. These animals blend in so well in the tall
    grass and forest, If you do not know what to look for l would of walked right by this Monster! Rodney's main goal and passion was to make my hunt succesfull and fun, I have never met a more genuine
    person along with his faimly. It is very refreshing these days.

    Thanks again Steve Rudesill

  • John Caulfield (Tuesday, April 02 13 10:59 pm EDT)

    Rodney, Thank you for the incredible hunt! It was my daughters first hunt and I was really focused on the experience not necesarily the results. What a day, we had it all. Your patience with the kids
    was amazing and made her first hunt a huge success. We hunted hard and ended up with a trophy, but more importantly a new proud, young hunter! We will be back.

  • George Bauer and Barby Allen (Tuesday, April 02 13 05:10 pm EDT)

    We had such a good time hunting goats with Rodney on Maui!! The goats were as thick as hair on a dogs back and we thinned out a few. Thanks for the memories and we anticipate coming back for the
    boars and deer in the future. The extra effort that Dawn and Rodney put in made the trip even more enjoyable. Thanks again!!

  • Dave (Tuesday, April 02 13 02:52 pm EDT)

    A huge thank you! My kids are sold on hunting, and I have you to thank. Your generosity, kindness, and patience in the field is unparalleled. Sam and Izzy dreaded the idea of going on "one of dad's
    hunts," but after spending the day with you. They want to know when we are hunting again! Definitely the highlight of our vacation. The setting was perfect up on the eastern cliff, when Sam took that
    black Billy beast (63 inches +), with only 10 minutes of light remaining...Truely one of the most beautiful settings we've ever seen, with the Billy standing up on the cliff with the ocean backdrop,
    and you whispering to my son, "take him when you are ready."
    Awesome, awesome, awesome! We are ready to fly back. Sam told the story to my youngest son Frank, all the way back to California. He's next!
    I can't thank you enough. You are the best.

  • Sean Lingl and Family (Thursday, March 21 13 08:57 pm EDT)

    Our family of 5 has hunted with Rodney and the Perreira Family on two seperate hunts over the past three years. I am an Outfitter in B.C., and dont get much hunting in myself and we had an amazing
    adventure!! I can not say enough about the effort the Perreira's put into each hunt, the quality and population of all the game species is spectacular, and the area is absolutely beautiful. They
    truly love what they do and it shows!! I would 100% recommend anyone planning a trip to Maui to hunt with the Perreira Family and Maui Hunting Safari.

  • Bill Kerr (Friday, December 07 12 10:35 am EST)

    what a great hunt and experience. I have been blessed to hunt in meny area in the US, S. Africa and the Arctic Cirle but have never experienced the beauty, fun and excitement we had on our hunt
    together. In just a short 12 hour window you shared with me a true life experience. Great friendship, a abundance of animals and a great challenge. The spot and stalk and quality of animals I
    harvested were amazing. I look forward to our next hunt together and being able to enjoy a longer experience with you and Dawn.

  • Jerry McDonald (Wednesday, November 28 12 11:52 am EST)

    What a fantastic time. My animals were not #1 in the record books, but they are #1 with me! Rodney, Dawn and the girls did an awesome job from the time we landed until we left. I can't wait to go
    again. Great weather and views. I get the bed on the lanai when I do come back.
    Good Luck in the future

  • Scott Seppa (Monday, November 19 12 12:12 pm EST)

    Rodney and Dawn are great people! I havd been hunting twice with Rodney and would like to come back in the near future. Go to Maui for a hunt.

  • Danny and Glenda Bequette (Tuesday, November 13 12 01:14 pm EST)

    My wife and I planned a combination anniversary and hunting trip to Maui for June 2012. I could not have been happier with the hunting adventure at Maui Hunting Safari. I was amazed with the
    abundance of free range
    game that I saw while in the hunting area.
    Rodney knows what he is looking at when judging trophy quality animals, so please trust his excellent judgement and you will not be disappointed.
    Rodney's spot and stalk techniques are fun as well as educational to be a part of. He will cater the hunt to the hunter's physical abilities as his number one goal is to create a hunt that is both
    enjoyable as well as successful.
    While hunting and in camp, the scenery is gorgeous, the food is yummy, and there is always good conversation.
    In closing, I could not be happier with my hunting experience and trophy quality animals that I harvested while at Maui Hunting Safari.