Requirements, Services & Frequently Asked Questions...

We strive to serve you as efficiently as possible.  We have included the information below to assist all hunters in making their Maui Hunting Memory possible.  Please review and let us know if you have any questions or concerns.  

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  • The State of Hawaii requires each hunter to carry on their person during any hunting activity a valid Hawaii hunting license 


  • To be eligible to obtain a Hawaii hunting license, each hunter must be able to show proof of attending and passing a Hunter Safety or Hunter Education course that is recognized by the International Hunter Education Association (IHEA)


  • Hawaii hunting licenses are good from July 1st through June 30 


  • The minimum hunting age in Hawaii is 10 years of age


  • A valid Hawaii hunting license is required for hunting on both private and public land 


  • Out of state hunters may need to apply for a letter of exemption from the State of Hawaii and should allow ample time for this process


  • Currently, no hunting "tags" are required for hunting activties conducted on the island of Maui


  • Currently, the non-resident Hawaii hunting license fee is $105.00





  • Hunters should wear camo patterened (browns and greens) long pants, shirt, hat and a good pair of hiking or hunting boots (insulated clothing is not necessary)


  • We also recommend a light jacket, ordorless suncreen, binoculars and a pack for your personal items/gear


  • All participants should be in average physical condition and be able to hike through rigorous terrain including thick brush, hidden loose rocks, up and down steep grades in humid conditions.


  • All participants (hunters and non-hunters) are required to disclose any health and physical conditions (including allergies) that may potentially effect their ability to fully participate.  Maui Hunting Safari will treat all protected health information as confidential and will not disclose such information with the exception of during a situation that Maui Hunting Safari deems as a possible medical emergency or that may lead to a medical emergency.


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Frequently asked questions...



I have a hunting license from another state, and do not have a hunter safety or hunter education card.  I'm considered "grandfathered" in my home state.  Can I get a Hawaii hunting license anyway?




No.  A hunter safety card is required. 





My child who is under the age of 10 has taken and passed a hunter safety course or hunter education course in another sate (outside of Hawaii) and is eligible to hunt in other states.  Can my child obtain a Hawaii hunting license to hunt in Hawaii?




No.  A minor child must be 10 years old to be eligible to take the Hawaii Hunter Education course and therefore must be at least 10 years old to obtain a Hawaii hunting license.






Can I be exempt from the hunter safety/hunter education requirement?




Those who can show proof of having a Hawaii hunting license prior to the hunter safety/hunter education becoming a requirement in Hawaii are exempt from having to show proof of having a hunter safety card.







May I bring my bow or rifle into the island of Maui for my hunt?




Please contact TSA, your airline carrier or cruiseline directly for up-to-date information about traveling with firearms and/or archery equipment. 


Once you arrive in Maui, you have a certain amount of time to visit the Maui Police Station in Wailuku to register your firearm.  Please contact the Maui Police Department directly prior to your arrival for current instructions, information and firearm registration hours. 





Are all hunts conducted on the Island of Maui?  Do we have to travel to another island to hunt with Maui Hunting Safari?




All hunts are conducted on privately owned ranches on the Island of Maui only, where Maui Hunting Safari has exclusive hunting rights.