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2014 - Goat - Traditional Horn Style



Maui Hunting Safari offers year round hunting of free range "Hawaiian" Feral Goats.  The ranches we hunt on  are considered home to numerous free-range goats, hunters will see many goats in a day.  For this reason alone, Maui Hunting Safari excels above all others in goat hunting on Maui!  We take numerous record book trophies each year!

Goat - Ibex Horn Style
  • 99% success rate
  • Average body weight is approximately 75 lbs and they come in several colors
  • Horn styles include both the "Traditional spread", wide spread-flare and the "Ibex Style", which curls back
  • Hunt can be arranged for any day of the week and can usually be accomplished in one day (weather permitting)
  • Hunting methods include:  rifle, muzzleloader, archery...
  • Hunt can be scheduled year round
  • Group limitations apply
Trophy Boar



Maui Hunting Safari's wild pig hunting is conducted on privately owned ranches in Maui.  Again all animals are free-ranging.  Our hunting areas consist of many tropical fruit trees including guava, mango and lilikoi which the wild pigs love to feed on.


The pigs hunted come in many different colors including:  black (the most common), blonde, brown, red or a combination thereof.  Our most popular color is red. 


We hunt pigs with the use of trained dogs to track and bay the pigs for no additional fee.  Hunting the hogs with dogs and taking them with a knife "Hawaiian Style" is exhilarating!  It's an experience not soon forgotten! 


  • 98% success rate
  • There is no guarantee that we will catch a boar, but all efforts are made
  • We schedule pig hunts on Saturdays, Sundays and certain holidays.  With advanced notice we may also be able to schedule pig hunts for weekday afternoons. 
  • Hunts can be scheduled year round.  November - April is recommended
  • Can usually be accomplished in a half day to one full day (weather permitting).  Hunts are done early mornings and/or late afternoons
  • Group limitations apply
2015 - Trophy Axis - 35"



Axis Deer hunting in Maui is at it's best during the summer months through early fall.   Due to conservation efforts, only a limited number of Axis Deer hunts are booked per calendar year.  Axis Deer in Maui will generally shed their antlers beginning in November and are usually not seen with trophy sized antlers until approximately May/June.  Axis bucks with fully polished antlers are most commonly seen beginning in May.  Again, all hunting for free-range axis deer is done on privately owned ranches where Maui Hunting Safari is the exclusive outfitter.   


  • 99% success rate
  • Average body weight is 160 - 200 pounds
  • We have been consistently taking axis deer with antlers of 30" tall or better
  • Only a limited number of Trophy Axis deer hunts are scheduled per year to help maintain trophy quality
  • This hunt is scheduled from April - August
  • A rifle is recommended for this hunt
  • Group limitations apply


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