Your Maui Hunting Memory awaits you...

Come and "Experience Maui's Finest Hunting Adventure!"

Aloha and Welcome!


Maui Hunting Safari LLC is committed to providing all hunters a memorable hunting experience that is not soon to be forgotten.  We believe that your success and satisfaction with our services is our reputation.  We are a family owned and operated hunting guide service and treasure all the relationships created through hunting and strive to create "Maui Hunting Memories" for everyone.


All animals hunted are free-range (fair-chase) providing a real challenge and the outstanding views are complimentary.  We are able to offer year-round hunting of "Hawaiian" Feral Goats and Wild Pigs, and seasonal Trophy Axis Deer.  If a hunting trip in beautiful Maui, Hawaii is in your future plans, we would love to be a part of that experience!


Combine our natural beauty, abundant free range game and our passion to share hunting with you, and you will experience one of the best island hunting adventures Hawaii has to offer.  Join us, experience the adventure and create your Maui Hunting Memory!


Until we meet, warmest Aloha and Happy Hunting!


Rodney Jr & Dawn Perreira

Trophy Axis Buck
Trophy Boar
Trophy "Hawaiian" Feral Goat